From the President

SFRA Review, vol. 52, no. 1

From the SFRA Executive Committee

From the President

Gerry Canavan

This is the start of my last year as president, a term which has corresponded with an incredibly tumultuous time for the globe, much less our organization. Moving on will be bittersweet, but I’m very happy about what we’ve accomplished (especially under these circumstances!) and I’m looking forward to the coming year with a lot of optimism, especially at conference in Oslo, which is shaping up to be a simply incredible, totally unique event in the history of our organization, in all the best ways.

Over the coming months we will be populating some of the new positions we added in the last bylaw revision, so please watch out for more information on that front very soon.

I wanted to formally welcome Ida Yoshinaga and Jess FitzPatrick to their new roles as vice president and treasurer and thank Sonja Fritzsche and Hugh O’Connell one more time for all the hard work they put in the last three years. I also wanted to thank Carma Spence for the heroic work she has put in (and continues to put in) migrating the SFRA website to its new home. As always, if there’s something I can promote on social media, or some other way I can put the SFRA to work for you, please, reach out! I hope to see many of you in Orlando, and the rest in Oslo.

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