SFRA Review is an open access journal published four times a year by the Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA). 

SFRA Review (eISSN 2641-2837; formerly published in print as ISSN 1068-395X) is devoted to surveying the contemporary field of speculative fiction, media, and scholarship as it develops, bringing in-depth reviews with each issue, as well as longer critical articles highlighting key conversations in sf studies, regular retrospectives on recently passed authors and scholars, and reports from members of the SFRA Executive Committee.


SFRA Review History

SFRA Review was initially titled SFRA Newsletter and has been published since 1971, just after the founding of SFRA in 1970. The Newsletter changed its named to SFRA Review in 1992 with issue #194 to reflect the centrality of an organ for critical reviews of both fiction and scholarship to the sf studies community.

The Newsletter and Review were published roughly 6 times a year until the early 2000s, when the Review switched to a regular quarterly schedule. Originally available only to SFRA members or sold per issue for a small fee, SFRA Review was made publicly available on the SFRA’s website starting with #256 (Jan/Feb 2002). Starting with #326, the Review became a stated Open Access publication. Beginning in 2020, SFRA Review switch to a volume/number system, beginning with SFRA Review 50.1 (Winter 2020).

Select issues from 1974 to 2011 (issues #31-295) are available as PDFs through the Digital Collections of the University of Southern Florida Libraries. The first 30 issues are available here for download. They were digitized at the Cushing Memorial Library, Texas A&M University thanks to former Newsletter reviews editor Hal W. Hall, who provided the print issues for scanning, and former fiction reviews editor Jeremy Brett, who oversaw digitization.

Past SFRA Review Editorial Staff

Below is a list of past SFRA Review editorial staff. Please note that some of the information for the 1970s-1988 is incomplete due to a lack of internal record-keeping. If you have information about editorial staff service not listed, please contact the editor.

At present, SFRA Review is helmed by an editorial collection consisting of four general editors (the senior editor and three editors) and six reviews editors. The list of current editorial collective members can be found here.


Sean Guynes, 2018-2021
Chris Pak, 2014-2018
Michael Klein, 2013
Doug Davis, 2011-2013
Jason Embry, 2011-2012
Karen Hellekson, 2008-2010
Craig Jacobsen, 2008-2010
Christine Mains, 2002-2007
Shelley Rodrigo Blanchard, 2001-2002
Barbara Lucas, 2001-2002
Karen Hellekson, 1998-2000
Craig Jacobsen, 1998-2000
Amy Sisson, 1994-1997
Daryl F. Mallett, 1993-1994
Besty Harfst, 1989-1992
Robert Collins, 1987-1989
Richard W. Miller, 1984-1987
Elizabeth Anne Hull, 1981-1984
Roald Tweet, 1978-1981
Beverly Friend, 1974-1978
Hal W. Hall, 1974-1975
Fred Lerner, 1971-1974

Managing Editors

Ian Campbell, 2019-2021
Lars Schmeink, 2011-2015
Janice M. Bogstad, 2003-2011

Associate Editors

B. Diane Miller, 1993-1994
Robert Reginald, 1990-1993
Catherine Fischer, 198?-1989

Assistant Editors

Paul Abell, 1994-1997
William R. Mallett, 1994
Masuko Mallett, 1994
Kimberly J. Baltzer, 1993-1994
Clint Zehner, 1993-1994
Annette Y. Mallett, 1993-1994

Book reviews Editors

Hal W. Hall, 1974-1976

Nonfiction Editors

Michael Klein, 2011-2013
Ed McKnight, 2001-2010
Neil Barron, 1998-2001
B. Diane Miller (assistant), 1993-1996
Robert Reginald, 1993
Neil Barron, 1990-1992
Rob Latham (“Review Editor”), 198?-1989

Fiction Editors

Jeremy Brett, 2015-2019
Jim Davis, 2011-2015
Edward Carmien, 2006-2010
Philip Snyder, 2001-2006
Shelley Rodrigo Blanchard, 2001
Craig Jacobsen, 1998-2000
Daryl F. Mallett, 1993-1994
Robert Collins, 1990-1992
Rob Latham (“Review Editor”), 198?-1989

Young Adult Fiction Editors

Muriel R. Becker, 1990-1994

Media Editors

Ritch Calvin, 2008-2015
E. Susan Baugh (“Audio/Video Editor”), 1993-1994
Michael Klossner, 1992-1993
Ted Krulik (“Film Editor”), 198?-1989

Book News Editor

Martin A. Schneider, 198?-1989

Affiliated Products Editor

Furumi Sano, 1993-1994

Editorial Assistants

Tiffany Johnson, 2000
Jeanette Lawson, 198?-1989

About our Background Image

The SFRA Review website uses a detail from a painting by Alex Schomburg from the cover of Science Fiction Plus (March 1953). Schomburg was a Puerto Rican artist known for his pulp and comics art, paintings, and illustrations. The beautiful image depicts a female astronaut blasting into space. Schomburg’s career in SF art began in the 1920s, when he began producing illustrations for Hugo Gernsback. He began painting pulp covers in 1939 for Better Publications, comics covers in 1940 for Timely Comics, and over the course of his seven-decade career won every major SF art award and was inducted posthumously into the Eisner Hall of Fame in 1999. Schomburg died in 1998.

SFRA Review uses this image with the permission of the Alex Schomburg estate, information about which can be found at http://www.alexschomburg.com.

Cover, Science Fiction Plus (March 1953)