Spring 2023

SFRA Review, vol. 53 no. 2

From the SFRA Review

Spring 2023

Ian Campbell

Our unevenly-distributed science fiction future continues to expand with the advent of “AI”, which is of course not AI but merely a well-trained algorithm. I spent a long Friday last week wishing I was outside enjoying spring weather but instead sitting through first a departmental, then a college meeting about how to cope with the effect of AI on student testing. Looks like we’re headed back to pens and bluebooks and oral exams. Left unsaid was the effect this will have on faculty, especially in face of the concerted right-wing assault on higher education.

But I’ll leave aside the doom and gloom and direct your attention to a couple of opportunities. We here at the SFRA Review are looking for some additional editors, both to expand our offerings and also to take the place of some of our current wonderful editors when they decide to rotate off. This is a great opportunity for an early-career scholar, whether they be ABD or a new faculty member. The workload isn’t tremendous, you’ll have plenty of creative freedom and autonomy, and you can (further) establish your bona fides by contributing to the discourse and profession. Please contact me at icampbell@gsu.edu should you be interested, and we’ll talk further.

On a more personal note, I’d also like to plug the CFP for SF in Translation, vol. 2. There have been some impressive submissions for this edited volume, but the overall quantity isn’t where we’d like it to be: two or three more chapters will help this one over the top and bring this valuable scholarship to the general public. This is another great opportunity for an early-career scholar, though in no way would we be displeased to see established experts submit chapters. Please pass the CFP around among your colleagues.

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