Recipients’ Statement for the Mary Kay Bray Award 2020

SFRA Review, vol. 51, no. 3

From the SFRA 2021 Conference

Recipient’s Statement for the Mary Kay Bray Award 2020

Virginia L. Conn and Andy Duncan

Virginia L. Conn:

Thank you so much to the SFRA committee for recognizing my work. Contributing to the transnational, complex, and innovative community of global science fiction scholars is more important now than ever, and I appreciate the opportunity to be part of it. Even as the last year of the pandemic has physically isolated most of us, it’s gratifying to know that our science fiction community has continued to develop new ways of connecting people and concepts.

Andy Duncan:

Greetings from Week One of Clarion West 2021, on behalf of a number of new writers SFRA will be discussing soon enough. I am honored to share the Mary Kay Bray Award with Virginia Conn. I thank the SFRA and the awards committee. I thank Alec Nevala-Lee, whose ambitious and fascinating book gave me something to write about. I thank Dominic Grace, who commissioned, edited and published my piece. And I thank Jeannette Ng, whose August 2019 speech at the Dublin Worldcon, while my piece was still in press, was a watershed moment in the field’s reckoning with John W. Campbell Jr.

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