From the Editor

Summer 2021

Ian Campbell
Editor, SFRA Review

“Heat Dome” is the phrase we’ve all learned to associate with Summer 2021: while here in Atlanta, it’s just another warm but unremarkable summer, a friend in Oregon tells me it’s like living on a different planet out there. The Anthropocene is already here: it’s just unevenly distributed. We can hope that the science-fictionality of the present will encourage the powers that be and the general populace to consider the solutions SF might have to offer, but given that citizens wanting yet another term for Jim Crow ransacked the Capitol on live TV, this seems rather unlikely.

In cheerier news, we have a great deal happening at the Review, including our transition to partial peer review. We believe that with the exponential growth in the serious study of SF in recent times, it’s important to provide a platform where emerging scholars can receive publishing credit that will help them advance. We are of course absolutely looking for established scholars to help with the peer review, so you may expect a politely phrased request from us at some point in the future.

In this issue, we also have the annual results from the SFRA conference, including statements from award winners, reports from officers and a version of the keynote. We also have statements from candidates for executive positions, so please take the time to read these before you consider how to vote. In addition, we have a long-form piece on and a translated story by the Bulgarian SF master Lyuben Dilov, a special section on Mormonism and SF, some papers from the 2021 ICFA conference and our usual suite of reviews.

The Editorial Collective would like to welcome three new members and two members to new positions. Former associate editor Virginia Conn is now our managing editor; former fiction reviews editor Jeremy Carnes is taking Virginia’s place as associate editor. Jeremy is joined by Andrea Blatz, our other new associate editor; Michael Pitts is our new fiction reviews editor. Josh Derke has also just joined us in the new position of fiction editor, so if you’ve always wanted to write SF, he’s the one to reach out to. We look forward to serving you with more and better content in future issues.

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SFRA Review is the flagship publication of the Science Fiction Research Association since 1971.

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