From the Treasurer

SFRA Review, vol. 50, no. 2-3

From the SFRA Executive Committee

From the Treasurer

Hugh O’Connell
University of Massachusetts Boston

2019 Final Account Balances


2019 Income

Journals Subscriptions, Memberships,
Conference Registrations,
Savings Account Interest, and Donations

2019 Expenditures

Journal Subscriptions$8,952.90
Wild Apricot$1,001.16
Domain Registration$195
Non-Profit Renewal$25
Adobe Creative Cloud$254.27
2019 Conference Costs$12,056.56
Conference Travel Grants$1,550.00
Total Expenditures$24,564.03
Difference from 2018+ $5,933.14

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SFRA Review is the flagship publication of the Science Fiction Research Association since 1971.

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